Aura Air Lollipop

Handy Sterilizing Fan with Anti-bacterial



The fan is equipped with a patented filter clip on its back side, which allows changing the nanofiber Filter easily and safely and ensure the long-lasting air sterilization function.


With 7 pcs fan blades, it provides strong wind with five adjustable speed levels. You would press the power button repeatedly to change the wind speed. Brushless motor makes the fan durable and energy saving.

Removable Stand

With a removable stand, you can put it on the desk in your office or hold it in your hands to beat the heat when you are on the road. It’s very convenient to use in different occasions.


This handheld fan is a USB port rechargeable model, powered by 2000 mAh rechargeable built-in battery. With the USB cable connected to the port, it can be charged by computer, mobile power, power bank and so on.


This portable fan is only 205g in weight. When you go outside, you can put it in the bag. And it is especially suitable for summer travel or outdoor sports, will be a good partner for you in summer.

Testing Certification