AIR CON MASK (Nanofiber Filter for Anti-Viral)


AIR CON MASK, also called “the mask of air-conditioner”utilizes locally developed nanofiber technology to filter & eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses over 99% such as COVID-19 which can great enhance the indoor air quality. Easily transform the air-conditioner into a air purifier with only one filter.

  • Effectively filter & eliminate airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens over 99% such as COVID-19, Influenza A&B viruses, S. Aureus, E. coli., etc, which can prevent the spread of pollutants and improve the indoor air quality.
  • Can easily be cut to any size to suit requirements. Applicable for window and split type air-conditioner, air purifier and dehumidifier, etc.
  • The filter consists of nanofiber using advanced electrospinning technology, which can achieve high filtration efficiency at a relatively low pressure drop, and can also contain anti-bacterial function.
  • Passed through multiple international test certifications which complied with the ISO and ASTM standards.
  • Manufactured, Research & Development in Hong Kong
  • Recommend to change the filter every 300 hours to to ensure air purification performance & ventilation.
  • Package Included:  1 x Nanofiber Filter,  8 x Stickers, 1 x Water-soluble bag, 1 x Desiccant Gel
  • Filter size: 50x60cm (1pc)



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