Air Sterilizing Nano-Shield
AIR CON MASK® brings along the
ultimate experience on making clean air.

Air Conditioner Cannot Purify the
Indoor Air Of Pollution

An air conditioner may keep your home clean, but it cannot make your home totally pollutant free.

  • An air conditioner contains moisture so it can accumulate molds.
  • Air conditioners can spread airborne diseases such as Legionnaire’s disease which is an infectious disease.
  • The air filters in air conditioning are incapable of cleaning smaller particles that go unnoticed by the naked eyes. This results in chronic breathing problems like asthma attacks, bronchitis.

Air Sterilizing Nanofiber Technology

AIR CON MASK can successfully block the Pm2.5, Pm1.0, mold, bacteria, pollen, dust, viruses and other contaminates.

It is using the latest technology of Nanofiber with HK local scientist developed (HKSAR).

AIR CON MASK being sprayed a lot of nano fiber on the PET film, which one nano fiber is smaller than a hair over 3000x.

Product Feature


Remove the filter screen of the air-conditioner, clean and dry the filter screen.

Cut the AIR CON MASK according to the same size of the filter screen, attach AIR CON MASK on the filter screen with the tapes.

Reinstall the filter screen with AIR CON MASK back into the air-conditioner.

Recommend changing AIR CON MASK® every 1 to 2 months, to ensure air purification performance & ventilation.

Efficacy Tests Certification