AURA Air Lollipop


Handy sterilizing fan with antibacterial nanofiber filter

  • Aura Air Lollipop infuses a bubble of clean air around you by filtering dust, allergens, smoke, bacteria and viruses from your personal space, which helps you stay healthy and feel refreshed, especially for the people with asthma and allergy.
  • Filter & Kill Bacteria up to 99% such as S.Aureus, E. coli., etc.
  • Filter dust / pollen / smoke / other particulates.
  • Easily to change the Nanofiber filter, ensure the long-lasting air sterilization function.
  • Five adjustable speed levels with seven pieces of fan blades.
  • With a removable stand, you can put it on the desk, or hold it in your hands when you are on the road.
  • The USB cable can be charged with computer, mobile power, power bank and so on.
  • Recommend to change filter every 1-2 months to ensure air purification performance & ventilation.
  • Package Included:  1 x Aura Air Lollipop,  10 x Nanofiber Filters,  1 x Manual,  1 x USB Cable,  1 x Certification


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